Only original products guarantee safe use, while fakes can adversely affect the health of consumers and damage the reputation of the manufacturer.

We care about our customers, and as a certified manufacturer, we strive to protect our products.

For this, we have developed special security elements that make it easy to identify our products and prove their originality.


Product Checking

QR code

On the side of the package, you can see a QR code. Scan it with your smartphone and you will automatically be taken to the product verification page,After you can check your product originality.

Verification Code

We placed verification code inside of the box for safety.You can scratch and reach the verification code.


The hologram we placed on the top and bottom of the box. It contains our logo. The unique hologram is also an indicator of the originality of the product.

Unique print elements

Above and on the front side of the package, the name of the drug, the main active substance and other information are emphasized with bulk varnish.


! Please note that the production and expiration date on our vials.

We do our best to ensure that our customers receive only original products.

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We are open for cooperation

We are ambitious manufacturers selling pharmaceutical products worldwide. We are glad to cooperate with new wholesale companies and are ready to offer favorable conditions.

Benefits of partnership with MH Pharma

  • We are manufacturers with our own manufacturing base, laboratory and quality control department
  • We produce high-quality drugs – pure peptides and steroids to increase performance
  • All products are in stock in our warehouses
  • We offer favorable prices to regular customers
  • We provide a personal manager who accompanies you throughout the purchase
  • We deliver products all over the world

Interested In Partnership?

Feel free to cantact us for more information